Hi! My name is Louise. I’ve been travelling to several destinations in Europe with my kids as soon as we’ve had the chance since they were babies and still am. Welcome to European trips with kids.

IMG_8356[1]   IMG_3274[1] IMG_7376[1]

Swedish mum of three wonderful but sometimes hard to handle kids 🙂 Love travelling and want my kids to have the chance to explore the world – hopefully with this blog I can inspire others to dare to take their kids on trips – but I will be honest with you guys, travelling with children, and especially with more than one can be quite challenging but the memories you create together after getting through some struggle now and then, are definetly worth it! This blog will focus on Europe when it comes to places to visit but will also contain advices for what and how to do (or maybe mostly what not to do, speaking from experience!) when travelling with kids, packing, how to travel alone with kids and about discovering a new city from a child’s perspective/through children’s eyes for example. Hope you’ll enjoy my posts!




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