Welcome to my blog!

A travel blog – why not?, I thought as I’d like to share my experiences and inspire other parents (or grandparents, aunties, whatever :)), to visit European cities with kids.

This blog will be informative on what to do (and what not to :p), where to go, where to eat, what to see, how to get there and where to play in the European cities I have visited and the ones I will visit. It will also be honest and true – learn fom my mistakes! You will get to read my opinions but also my kids reviews of things we’ve done and places we’ve visited – my soon-to-be 10-year old daughter Tindra (Swedish names which means “sparkle”, as her eyes always do)will tell you where you find the best kids’ wear and shoes, my 6-year old son Neo will tell you where you’ll find the best playgrounds and coolest toy stores and my 13-year-old son Alexis will tell you what’s fun for teenagers, where you can find cool places that have appeared in movies and where to swim, parkour or skate in Europe!

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts – I will start with posts about our latest trips to Warsaw, Gotland (Sweden’s largest island), Prague and Copenhagen these next few days.

We’re not super rich, so travelling on a budget and how to afford travelling with kids will also have focus on this blog – and yes, you can couchsurf with kids!



IMG_8416[1] My kids who will help me out with European trips with kids – here happy after a visit to museum and shop at Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw (where we’ve could have spent a whole week – it’s huge!), but trust me, they’re rarely this happy and getting along this well for a whole trip – we do have fun anyway though!


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